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Monday, November 01, 2004

birth of a blog

I, kalipornia Posted by Hello

well, that was relatively painless. except for naming it, which sux because it feels like it matters, but it really doesn't.

i figure the way i can be most prolific is to share the reasons why i hate living in los angeles.

that should be fodder enough.

this morning i almost got killed driving to work. no biggie. it happens everyday. especially now that i ride the freeway to work. some dickhead changed lanes without looking. like i say, happens everyday in helLA. swerved into my lane and forced a quick lane change out of me. wouldn't be such a big deal if i didn't ride a motorcycle.

"motorcycles are dangerous."

not really... not if you shitheads weren't on the road trying to f-ing kill me.

the kicker is that i could smell his fucking cologne. drakar. (i'm embarrassed i know.) it was stifling. fucking gross.

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