kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, January 06, 2006

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ok so i just went home for lunch because stupid me forgot my uniform for the waitress gig
and so i got to check on winnie (pregnant dog)
and i let her out to pee and then brought her back in
and put her on my bed
to take her temperature
which is low and they say when it's low she's
about to go
but it has been low for days
i even made drew return a thermometer to rite aid
without a box because i didn't think it was working
but it turns out she just has a low temperature.
so i go to put her back in her crate and i see this
gross muccus-like stuff on my bed
and then a puddle comes rushing out of her
and then i remember that the vet said to look for
vuvular discharge as a secondary indication that
she is
about to go.

my doggie's water broke and i had to come back to work.
i also have to work tonight straight from this job

so i called drew and told him
that he has to go straight home after work
and text me constantly
even if nothing is happening.

i was thinking on the way back here about
blogging this
and then i was thinking
remember when zulieka's blog
was a cool nekid girl site
and then she got pregnant
and at first it was like
awwww isn't that cute
and now it's just boring?