kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, March 03, 2006

me says
: what is the program called?

him says: saturday morning math tutoring program

me says: get there at 9:30 9:45
jeanette greggs

Him says: thank you honey...sorry to do that to you..

me says: no biggie
5th floor office

Him says: ok..
jeanette greggs
5th floor
got it..

me says: ya he says there’s a teachers office on the 5th floor
everybody should be milling around there
class starts at 10:00
ok that's it
that guy was nice

Him says: oh geez..

me says: yup honey it's saturday school
i guess they'll put you
with kids who're having math troubles
they will fall in love with you

Him says: they will beat me up..
they will bring guns and knives..

me says: honey its the school for the arts
they're pussies
art kids
you know -- musical theatre?

Him says: heh..yeah..and gangsta rap

me says: hahahahhahaha

Him says: that's where tupac went honey

me says: i ain't mad acha

Him says: you think I'm joking?

me says: i think you'll be okay honey, you did fine in jail