kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

apparently they want me to work for my money

just one quick thing before i actually go back to working...

ok maybe two... jeez there's so much i want to say when i don't have the time to say it...

number one.
if there's anything i learnt in helLA
it's that you can't speak your mind

god sakes don't have an opinion

because someone could be listening.

(like the time when i told my new friend
with the rancid sticker on her mercedez
that i could maybe get with her
sex pistols obsession but that
i thought rancid sucked a big donkey kong
after which she told me to watch my mouth
because rancid bought her house and car
and by that she meant that her husband
did all their "merch" which i later found out
was t-shirts and stickers
which did nothing but fuel my fire
because i couldn't believe that some dude
was buying houses and two benzes
by selling rancid t-shirts -- ya no
we don't talk anymore)

so what i saying is

fuck you LA

oh ya and that while i can't stand
matthew good,
(and by can't stand i mean
it would be punishment
for me to listen to his albums
or his political rhetoric
for any length of time - ya sorry
everyone, i'm sure he's a nice guy
who happens to have a
pornstar looking wife
who raymi says is very smart
and i'm sure she is
and nice and cool
but she just annoys me
and by annoy i mean
that i'm very jealous of
her looks and wealth
and lifestyle)
so while i wouldn't be psyched about
the prospect anyotherway
i'm still extremely jealous
that those whom i think are cool
from the blogosphere
are meeting up for a matthew good show
what is my favorite city
outside of baltimore.

so there.

also i just took my first unassisted shit in two weeks
(get it? number two!???-- damn i just explained the 1%er didn't i, pitt?)

i fucking hate linking and trackbacks
love, lazy

p.s. it could be worse, the croatian sensation could be going

***update*** sweaty if you are going i will be extra double jealous!!!