kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

just a couple of quick things

i'm blogging on my break like tony always used to say to do beacuse my life has gotten BUSY people. so very busy and exciting and scarey and awesome. so i have a few minutes to say a couple of things.

uh wait i'm losing my train of thought here oh YA

one - can i tell you that i love when at least 35 women have a conversation about a 20 year old unwed pregnant girl and NOT ONE of them mentions abortion? i fucking love it i love it i love it.

two - bringing my lunch is infinity times more betterer than buying lunch and i thought it would be completely the opposite. my kinda bread, my kinda meat, the perfect amount of mayo, the best pickles, grapes, wheat thins AND A PEAR!!??!! where in the fuck could you buy such a perfect lunch.

three - though my life has been extremely busy i have found time to get to the gym inthe morning. something i couldn't do for the life of me when i had nothing better to do.

four - who knew that when you had questions about a class that if you emailed the professor they would clear them all up??? oh you knew that? well i guess i did to but was always too chicken shit to do it.

five - thank g-d work has slowed down to a crawl because my school books are splayed all across my work desk and my boss doesn't mind at all.

sic - i have no idea why i have started to use a dash in the spot where the o goes. isn't that what jews do?

seven - i totally mispelled six with a c but then i thought it was funny because if anyone (ya right) would ever quote that last one they'd have to write sic[sic] ahahhahaha

ok i'm going back to MBA/MSITS land now i love you all.

p.s. bob dylan has the number one record in america