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Monday, May 15, 2006

i blame the 80's

ok so i had i brainstorm this weekend

i think i've got this whole
"why i hate rich people"
thing nailed down.

i used to think it was self hate
seeing as how my folks are not exactly poor.

but that didn't make too much sense to me
because they're not exactly rich either.

so i've found someone else to blame -- ha!
(the liberals who read this blog will be happy, yes?)

i blame the 80's

yes, the decade.
ok, ok if you force me to narrow it down
i pick 1982 and 1984.

because in 1982 The Outsiders came out
and in 1984 it was Sixteen Candles.

ok, hear me out.
these films and films like them vilify rich people.

i mean the soc's were total assholes, right? the greasers were the cool kids, the one's with morals...


same with the 16 candles bit. that guy blaine was a real dick, no? i still hate james spader because of it...
oh yeah that was pretty in pink.
same shit.

but you see what i'm getting at right? those SE Hinton novels and John Hughes films made me hate rich people.

I mean Breakfast Club? we're supposed to hate that rich bitch until she falls for judd nelson, right? well i did anyway... and i loved the vodka drinking ally sheedy. the only time molly ringwald is anywhere near likeable is when she's nice to the freaks. and emilio estevez? don't get me started...

no wonder i'm such a jock-hating freak.

i was forced to identify with the slum kids.
i love pony boy.
don't you? fucking HOT. all the poor kids are hot in the 80's

yes, even the karate kid. c'mon beyond the cool skeleton suit, that rich kid had NOTHING on ralph machio.

so there you have it. i blame the 80's.
or my parents for letting me watch that shit.
damn. it's always the parents, isn't it?
they didn't know what i was watching.
i bet they wouldn't know what the damn breakfast club was.

so yes, back to the original theory.
the 80's.
only the outsiders was written in 1967.

so here it is... my final answer.
I BLAME john hughes and s.e. hinton.
fuck those bitches for ruining my life.