kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

praise. hail. satan

ok so i bought those shoes yesterday
but you're going to have to wait to see/hear about them
until tomorrow
because i cannot, with a clear conscience, talk about
buying a $180.00 pair of shoes
on the holy day.

6-6-6 baby.

the national day of SLAYER

everybody who's anybody is playing along

michele and turtle over at faster than the world

tesco's HOTfuckingwife, ALa at 100 records

that fucking guy, from whence i stole the southpark picture, has you tube video. (can you say whence on the national day of slayer? oh well, i just did.)

KNAC.com's playing slayer all day long

even daibh gives the beast a shout out.

here are the rules:

Official Statement on Participation

-- Listen to Slayer at full blast in your car.
-- Listen to Slayer at full blast in your home.
-- Listen to Slayer at full blast at your place of employment.
-- Listen to Slayer at full blast in any public place you prefer.

DO NOT use headphones! The objective of this day is for everyone within earshot to understand that it is the National Day of Slayer. National holidays in America aren't just about celebrating; they're about forcing it upon non-participants.

ok........ GO!

**update** i fucking forgot krucoff