kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

vote or vomit

voting is sexy.

i was standing in line this morning at 7:05 and people were there.

it was awesome. everybody looked serious. we had a job to do. the boys just looked hot. hair tousled, eyes puffy.

this morning, i even forgave the abercrombie and fitch t-shirts and second-glanced boys i never would've had they not been in line to vote.

i didn't know my neighborhood had a Buddhist temple. wow. the things you learn when you vote. i need a fucking guided tour of my neighborhood. apparently there's a monastary up there too. who woulda thunk it.

god knows i hate friends. hate the show with a passion. hated it when it was on, hate it now that it's in syndication.

(the brits do it so much better.)

but last night i understood, in a brief moment of clarity, why you people watch it.

it happened while i was watching the west wing marathon on bravo. brilliant. flipping around during the commercials i see the spot for the jon stewart "live election coverage."

i decide that i'd much rather watch that than any real coverage...

and BOOM, it hits me.

i'm an escapist. just like you.

and left without any other tv shows, or a book, or a paper, or even a tabloid magazine... given the choice between the noise in my head and the tv show of the lowest common denominator...

even i might watch friends.

(though thinking about it makes me physically ill. )