kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

what would wendy-o do?

so i've been thinking about heading back east...

i was checking craig's list for ride shares.

see, my problem is that i have plane tickets from here to canada and back to meet my fam at the sister's house. so i was thinking that i have to stay at least until then.

(ok, really the tickets are to albany, ny, but that's a whole other sad ass story about me still being in love with my ex.)

also i was thinking i might get a christmas bonus. is that ridiculous? to stay in helLA to get $150 extra... or nothing at all. then i'd be mad, because i stayed for the bonus. plus it's not very nice to grab an xmas bonus then quit.

but the other thing is that i've got this great roommate. i mean she's literally one of the only things i like about kalipornia at this point. she's nice, but not intrusive. cool, but not scenestery. gorgeous, but not stuck up.

it's no surprise that she's from the east. it is a surprise, however, that this place hasn't swallowed up all that coolness yet.

anywho, i don't want to fuck her over. i just moved in a couple of months ago.

but this cat on craig's list is driving his empty, covered, flat-bed truck east on december 5th. and he's looking for someone to rideshare.

dec. 5th? jeez i could be back in baltimore sooner than i thought.

but the plane tickets.
and the roommate.
and the bonus.