kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

just 'cuz yer grouchy doesn't mean i can't gesticulate

the other day i run into a friend
that i haven't seen in 10 years
(jeez i'm old enough to have adult friends
that i haven't seen in 10 years)
and we agree to get together sometime to catch up.
he calls over the weekend and we agree to grab dinner
on "monday night."
he's a waiter and gets a discount at one of
his sister restaurants
so we decide to go there.
it is a nice restaurant.
one that drew and i have been meaning to go to but
can't ever afford.
so i tell drew i'm going to dinner with this friend.
and he's not very happy about it.
and then i tell him where
and he's less happy.
oh well.
so i go last night and its nice to catch up
and i love my friend we had some good times together
and it was nice to talk about them
(no we never hooked up which is highly unusual considering the
slut that i was, and i'm sure he always wondered why because
i hooked up with everyone else on the planet)
so whatever, nice 2 hour dinner for which he pays (i tried
i swear i really tried to give him some money he wouldn't
have it)
we say goodbye keep in touch we live in the same city
we should hang out yada yada yada...
i go home and drew asks
how my date was.