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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

my valentines day present

so for v-day drew took me to DC to see a show on a rare friday night off.
we planned to go eat some ethiopian food and then see
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.
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me- "do you want to drive or me?"
him- "i'll drive your car."

fine my car gets better gas mileage and maybe the volvo shouldn't be driven to DC when it doesn't have to be.
except i'm all weird about him driving my car.

like i can do it SO MUCH BETTER than him -- we'll be in traffic friday night in DC, needing quick response and quick decision and parallel parking and all that.

but do i say "no let me drive"? NO i just get all mopey and let him drive while i pick on his driving the whole way. yea, really nice move brat.
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**** an aside on driving -- why is it that you can drive like a freaking maniac and i won't say shit about it until i'm in love with you. then all of a sudden your driving is fair game??? most of my HUGE fights with boyfriends have been over money or driving****
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anywho we get to DC after bickering back and forth the whole time because i have picked on his driving to sufficently eat away at his self worth enough for him to lash out about anything on which i have an opinion.

we drive around for miles and hours looking for a spot. we find a small one.

him- "can i fit there?"
me- "i can" (me of the superior driving abilities)

so he gets out while i try to park. five or six times. i feel him watching me and judging me and thinking that i'm a bad driver/parker just like every girl he's ever met and i'm no different or cooler or tougher just the same as a stupid blonde in a cabriolet who can't fucking parallel park...

eventually he steps toward the car which i take as an active sign of aggression... then.... THEN... he proceeds to make the twirly finger sign for "turn your wheels this way"...
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which is enough to send me into a toddler-sized temper tantrum in which i pound my fist on the dash then punch the windshield and give him the finger saying "fuck you, i know what i'm fucking doing"...

happy valentines day.