kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, April 24, 2006

i am a little weepy this morning

does that ever happen to you?

i drove to work this morning and got here and relaized that i forgot my keys to the office. so i drove back home and thought and thought on the way about where they could be i mean i actually cleaned my house this weekend and i didn't see them.

but i drove back anyway and drew was coming out of the house so he went backin with me and helped me look and we couldn't find them anywhere.

so i drove back to work but had lost my parking space and so i had to pay for parking. and when i got here it turns out my keys were locked in my office.

so i settle in to read my email because i don't log in on the weekend between my other job and my one day off a week on which i try not to surf.

and my grandmother fell on her face this weekend and broke her glasses into her face and mom says it looks like she's been in a fight. all is does is make me think that one day she's gonna die and i havent spent nearly enough time with her.

and then my ex who i love dearly (no, not like that) google talks me telling me that he is so very unhappy and i know it's just one of his depressions and he always gets out of them but still it makes me sad. he says he hates his life and if there was anything i could do to help him i would but there's nothing.

and yesterday was sunday my ONE day with my boyfriend whom i love very much (yes, like that.) and today is monday and mondays always suck because i don't see him all day -- as if to rub it in that sundays are so awesome and entirely too short.

so i am a little sad today. and i swear i just had my period so it's not that...