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Thursday, April 13, 2006


no, silly not the OG boy band...
and not the tripe soup.
(though i had no idea the it's been "long touted as a hangover cure")

i'm using the word colloquially, like mixture or whatever.

damn, did i lose you?

anywho... here's a couple of things that i'm not able to tie together neatly with cat gut.

my playlist yesterday is made up almost solely of songs i have been downloading from my favorite site ever.

tesco runs a tight ship over there. i understand he used to have one helluva blog too, but hey, this shit gets old sometimes and between pleasing his mega hot (and smart) wife and running his own business (oh ya and he's got two kids -- BOYS at that) he's got enuf shite to do besides keep us entertained.

so anyway today he's honored me with another post. a classic if i do say so myself. thank god for mp3 blogs because the whole album ain't worth a shit but this song is priceless.

thanks, tesco.

(whatever music i didn't steal from him i got from7 inch punk -also on sidebar- or krucoff or i stole from coop.)

on a completely UNRELATED note...

money quote - 'In my imagination, she's 14 and earns pocket money by working in her school library.'... 'She's very important to me,' [Malcolm] continues. 'I feel affection for her which goes beyond sexual desire.'"

-- i can't decide whether or not to get mad about this -- he's talking about a glorified blow up doll... um... ya.

lastly, here's a story that popbitch sent me that i have to post because i hate that little limp dick faggot fred durst..

"Fred Durst has been involved in many strange episodes but none quite like this story that's going around LA. Fred met John Travolta recently and the two men got quite chummy. One night, we hear, Travolta called Durst to say he was coming round. When he arrived, Travolta said "Johnny wants mouthwash. Johnny loves mouthwash." Durst gave him the mouthwash. Next thing he knew, Travolta leaned in for a kiss. Seeing Durst's surprise, Travolta took a step back, saying that he got the wrong end of the stick and left. Durst stood there, horrified. Not because of any kiss. But because Travolta wasn't wearing his wig."

bwahh ahahahahahahahj

... at ease...