kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

indians and blue collar boys

the other night i'm at
a little information shindig
for the MBA program
(no daibh -- i haven't heard yet
whether i'm officially accepted)
and we're in the general information
auditorium which is 30% female
until we split into
our individual tracts.

so i go to the room where
the MBA/MSITS tract people are to meet.
and it's me
and 5 indian dudes.

this does not bode well
for the curve...

though i do have the fact that
english is my first language
going for me.

also it looks as it
i will have to take the
and since my last math class
was in my freshman year of college
846 years ago
it looks like i'll have to take a class.

the cutest boy
came to look at my broken window
the other night
turns out i need a new regulator and therefore motor
but the good news is that he is
not going to charge me labor
just parts
and considering he has alredy spent
more than an hour on it
and we haven't gotten the part yet...
a whole new windy for only $72.00 plus tax
sounds dern good.

hmmm how will i ever thank him?