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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

gospel according to Pitt...

No - What is key to keeping me happy rolls out to the following, the 10 commandments if you will:

1. No talking except inbetween rounds and then it has to be about the fighters themselves.
2. Vegetables are for decoration only.
3. Morning sex is good cuz thats when I am most awake.
4. Comic books are perfectly acceptable decor in the Bathroom.
5. Video games are necessary.
6. Try to make them match. Try To make them match. Try to make them match.
7. I'm not driving fast, I'm establishing my dominance on the road. Think of it as my inner caribou locking antlers with other would-be suitors on the highway for your hand (inner hoof) in mating.
8. I'll pee sitting down, but you have to start drinking whiskey straight.
9. I'll say you're right all the time, if you back me up in public when I announce during that story for the 100th time: "That cop was fucked."
10. There is no 10.

make what match?
kali | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 1:32 pm | #

not telling.... if you have to ask you might be a cronic violator though
Pitt | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 1:34 pm | #

I forgot what I was going to say damit!!
I was so happy I was able to comment I lost my train of thought, UGH!!

Oh well I hope all is well, Take care!! MM XOXO
mystical Me | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 1:42 pm | #

all is not well...i didn't get the 2 cents of any of the female commentors thus far...it's bullshit....

i want to incite rage and feminisimisnim of my readership!!
Pitt | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 1:50 pm | #


what is it? i'm sure i'm a chronic violater if it has to do with anything matching.

i'll even get angry and pretend to be a feminazi if it helps?!?

outlaw -- tell me, pulease?
kali | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 4:00 pm | #

it's your unmentionables kali...or in your case: your VERY unmentionables!


uh boo......?

Pitt | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 4:11 pm | #

he means matching ur thongs/g-string to your bra....colour-coordinate them....don't wear white black bra and white undies.....especially NO granny-panties.
outlaw | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 4:16 pm | #

oops I look psycho now:
white black bra= black bra......
I didnt realize I threw in that extra word "white" in there! hahah
outlaw | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 4:17 pm | #

you mean like the carpet and the drapes deal? well, duh. i thought it had to do with fashion...

and if you were closer i'd come up and kick your fatty, soft ass for talking about the kitty that way.
kali | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 4:19 pm | #

thanks outlaw i need help over here... if i were to wear underwear then it would probably match.
kali | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 4:21 pm | #

he didnt mean carpet & drapes- just the undies and bra
...or else somebody here would be bald! hahah (and I dont mean Pitt)

outlaw | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 4:48 pm | #

hey kali i think you are a violator...i bet you're matching up the undergarment selection for the remainder of fiscal 06 now!
Pitt | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 5:04 pm | #

fuck i gotta go buy some... seriously. you're gonna make me spend an entire paycheck on lingerie....
kali | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 5:09 pm | #

just doing anything i could do to help...

whenever the lucky young subway employee of your choice get's to test drive the new wardrobe of your's, make sure you scream out pitt at least once.
Pitt | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 5:32 pm | #

will do.
kali | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 5:47 pm | #