kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

yup, a saturday post. you know i'm single when...

holy 16 hour days batman.
what the fuck.
maybe i'll just become a
nah, it just doesn't suit me.

so i think i'm begining to dig this
single stuff.

yesterday on chat
my ex was trying to talk dirty
to me
i told him to stop
that shit only works on boys.

he said he was trying to
seduce me.

i said that wasn't the way to do it
he asked how was the way to do it?
i said
buy a house and ask me to marry you.
he said
how about shoe shopping?
i said deal.


then i get to work
and a 23 year old boy
tries to seduce me by bringing in
my favorite flavor snoball.

he overheard me talking about
my fav egg custard snoball
and now knowing that i was single
he thought it would be a good way to my heart
good call.

i love those damn things and considering
i work downtown
and the closest snoball is out towards the county.
i asked him how he managed to do that.
he said he bought the syrup and then had the bartender
crush some ice
and he made it for me himself.

damn. that's pretty good, huh?

too bad he's 23.
twenty-three = nothing to offer me.

well, maybe not nothing...