kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

yay i'm back

hi i'm home
took the day off and
now i have no idea
how to handle free time
except to sleep.
and sleep is such a waste of time.

it will obviously kill me
to clean or put food in
my bachelor's fridge
ya ya i know but bachelorette
sounds like a fucking tv show

or smurfette.

mmmmm smurfette.

i digress.

(actually i'm not sure it's a digression
if i never really had an opening topic)

alright whatever.

show was good.
but tesco and i had some
awesome conversation.
it is rare that i find
someone who's not afraid to dig in
to the topic of music with me
i tend to be a bit pitbullish on the subject.
so that was nice.

and this morning i spent
sometime talking to ALa
who is way hotter in person
(hard to believe, i know, but totally true)
also just as smart as you think she is.

be intimidated.

i'm finding myself a little jealous of their life, though.
they have a great house and a beautiful family.
they seem. well. settled.
something i have never been.

and now i'm getting stink eye
from my two dogs
because after staying out
all night
i have come home smelling like
another dog.
tsk tsk.