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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

speaking of DOUCHE BAGS...

what in the fuck was this guy thinking?

Roethlisberger sustained a broken jaw, a broken left sinus, a 9-inch cut on the back of his head, lost teeth and injuries to his knees from hitting the pavement.

i've seen this wreck a thousand times. my ex was in it twice. a car turns left in front of you. they warn you about it in motorcycle safety class. the #1 motorcycle accident. left turning car. can't do anything about it but brace yourself.

this is an accident you walk away from.
my ex did it twice.

but then again he was wearing a FUCKING HELMET...
fucking DOI.
23 year old superbowl winner
1300 cc's
no fucking helmet.

ya those things are dangerous alright...
to IDIOTS!!!!!!!!