kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, June 30, 2006

rawr argh blergh

i am grouchy today
fuck i don't even really have the energy to be
full on grouch kali.

i'm spent.
the boy came over yesterday after work
he kept telling me
he felt like he was going crazy
which is really weird
to hear from him
really weird.
i've never seen him act that way.
he would't sit down.
that's weird because he's one of the most sedentary beings
i know.

after much deliberation
i pulled out of him
the fact that he feels like we're
really breaking up.
like not see each other any more breaking up.

ya i know, it feels like we already did this
but really we didn't.
so after some crying and hugging
we gathered the rest of his things
underwear, mostly.
and he left.

so i guess i'm not really grouchy
maybe i'm just sad.
eeewww. i hate sad.
i'd prefer angry.

oh yeah, that's a picture of
my other neighbors
dirtball donna and mike the dyke.

i have some good stories about them
that i'm apparently too sad to tell.

winnie is sad too.
she misses her boyfriend.
lucky bitch, he's back on saturday.