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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, September 18, 2006

one time ALa told me that she could tell what year in school a blogger was by his/her posts. you know, by the tone and subject, by which authors or studies were referenced or mentioned: hemmingway or bukowski, skinner or maslow, sartre or kant.

i was like, "huh?"

so here i am enrolled in a leadership ethics course and i'm pondering the right vs. wrong and right vs. right in every situation.

so here's one for you.

my 90 year old grandmother fell and broke her literal and proverbial hip last night. my mom calls me from her cell phone at 9:19pm and immediately i know it's mommom. and upon hearing the news thank god it's not something more serious.

they're taking her by ambulance to a larger hospital because my parents live in east bum fuck. this has nothing to do with the moral dilemma but it's what got me thinking on the topic.

about 2 months ago my parents went to their storage unit to get some things. they are building a house and in the meantime living in a small farmhouse so nearly everything is in storage. they have a climate controlled trailer (as in tractor-trailer) on their property in which the better stuff is kept. then they rent a small storage space where they keep the stuff they need to get at. tailgating stuff for raven's games, odds and ends. my shit was in there until i picked it up.

so my grandmother moves up to MD after living in florida for 50+ years. she needs to come live closer. they put some of her stuff in the storage space. her pictures and some other stuff.

so my folks go to get some stuff out and find that the storage space has been flooded and lots of stuff was ruined. including my gradmothers pictures. her only wedding picture. pictures of her parents and family. ruined. for ever.

at 91 my mommom is getting, uh, let's say "ornery." she's never been like this, but her mother was excessivley so in her old age. holy moly that woman was nutso. anywho. my folks have not yet told my grandmother about the flood.

she's begining to ask for some stuff from the storage unit.

my folks say they know they're gonna have to tell her... but how, and when and to what end?...