kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

okay TWO a day

praisehailsatan: dude. your ass is broken

brokebuttmountain: i know dude

praisehailsatan: wtf

brokebuttmountain: trust me

brokebuttmountain: i know

praisehailsatan: maybe you shouild quit with the sticking basketballs pu there.

praisehailsatan: up

brokebuttmountain: maybe i should stick basketballs up you ass

brokebuttmountain: your

praisehailsatan: maybe I should be so lucky

brokebuttmountain: heh

brokebuttmountain: it is well known that i do not move my bowels enough

brokebuttmountain: widely known

brokebuttmountain: all over the country

praisehailsatan: actually I had no idea. but now I know.

brokebuttmountain: oh well ya

brokebuttmountain: so now i have complications

brokebuttmountain: asshole surgery

praisehailsatan: jeez

brokebuttmountain: ya i can't wait

praisehailsatan: well it will fix things. right

praisehailsatan: with any luck

brokebuttmountain: doc say i won't lose much muscle so i should still have control

brokebuttmountain: very fucking comforting

praisehailsatan: SOME control

brokebuttmountain: i am 857,374,000,487,340 years old

praisehailsatan: we'll you're doing pretty good for being that old

brokebuttmountain: no he thinks i'll be fine apparently it is very routine

brokebuttmountain: for an 857,374,000,487,340 year old woman

praisehailsatan: heh

praisehailsatan: well its good that you;re taking care of your ass.

praisehailsatan: something you want want to lose

brokebuttmountain: true dat

praisehailsatan: you'll be sorry when its gone, sort of thing

brokebuttmountain: ya you never notice how much you use it kind of thing