kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

chat fight

raymi: how do i put a picture here
doi nevermind
tell me i cant figure it out

kali: um hi hang

raymi: i got it

kali: oh thank god

raymi: haha
no kidding

raymi: i was almost getting really mad atyou
and i couldnt figure it out
and fil
cos we were chatting and then nothing
and then i got extremely jealous of your pictures
and music was blaring

kali: you're very needy
he has one too i guess

raymi: ;ewigoh 43oitqh43[t8hre g
no im not needy

kali: my boss was here
and you were boinking
all over the screen

raymi: needy has nothing to do with it

kali: hahahahah

raymi: oops sorry

kali: no biggie it was just funny

raymi: stop dissing me when u talk to me its annoying

kali: BOINK

raymi: ungh

kali: k sorry
mostly i'm kidding
also you're talking to me

raymi: what do u mean also yer talking to me

kali: i mean you boinked first

raymi: so it doesnt mean u have to be mean
raymi: are we in a fight

kali: yes

raymi: no we arent

kali: yes we are

raymi: i boinked you sassed

kali: ya but i've been mad
you just didn't even notice

raymi "kali: no biggie it was just funny"

kali: i mean befor TODAY duh

raymi: dude you say mad shit to me all the time

kali: you called me callous and bitter

raymi:and i let it slide

kali: you don't accept me for what i am

raymi: cos you are always being bitter and callous in my comments towards me for no reason
you insult me in every comment you make to me
and i finally called you on it

kali: i insult everybody its my HUMOR

raymi: well i dont find it funny

kali: then we are in a fight

raymi: there's funny and then there is nasty
its not my doing

kali: yes apparently you can't tell the difference

raymi:im not the only one who thinks this way

kali: ok

raymi:it doesnt matter

kali: then i am in a fight with them too

raymi: haha


raymi: if yer gonna be funny, be funny then
thats all

kali: ok thanks

raymi: u just come across as disagreeable
look u dont have to be all "oh thanks"

kali: i said ok thanks

raymi: well tone
oh nevermind

kali: i was trying to be nondisagreeable
you CANT HEAR TONE ON CHAT@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raymi: you can from some people who usually TALK WITH TONE
ie you and me

kali: ok we're broken up -- meaning: the time where i talk to you and act like you're VERY cool even though sometimes i think you are a brat is OVER

raymi: oh well thanks for doing me that grand favor of talking to me whilst compromising your ethics kali
thank you. so. much.

raymi: wow i just reread that you're a total bitch

kali:you made me mad

raymi: yeh well yer nasty

kali: i meant it to be nasty

raymi: yeh well it's kind of patheti
"i said ok thanks"

kali: yes it is patheric

Sent at 11:10 AM on Wednesday

raymi: omg u already removed me from yer blogroll

kali: i'm good