kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

sometimes my heart hurts

so my good buddy d a i b h
is having a heartache
kind of day.

he's got a huge heart.
and contrary to popular belief so do i.
he talks about feeling things "more" than
other people.

i get it.

sometimes shit hits me so hard i've got no idea where it came from.

one time when i was in LA
i went to this thing
called metal skool
or someshit like that
a fun night where you rocked and mocked
all those 80's metal bands.
sometimes guest rockers would show up

anywho that has nothing to do with this.

so we were there one night and
there were two albinos there.
these two dudes, you know, albinos

there was one in my church growing up
sometimes he sat in the pew in front of us.
he had to hold the prayer book really close to his
face to read it
and when we sang he held the hymnal
so close that his voice bounced off the page and back towards me.
i always felt sorry for him
and then i felt sorry for feeling sorry
if you know what i mean.

so in LA at this metal skool thing
these two albinos
in leather jackets
stood really close to the stage
like leaning up against it.
they were the only two doing that
(this, of course, being LA and everyone is
WAY TOO cool to do that -- including me, obviously)
standing way up front flashing the horns
squinting their eyes trying to make out what was going on.
the singer guy was like
"look at these two bozo's"
trying to make fun
cuz it was that kind of night.

only i don't think the two albinos knew they were getting made fun of.

they just kept rocking the fuck out
banging their heads and loving it.

and all of a sudden i got really sad
my heart hurt
and i started crying.

and i made my boyfriend take me home.