kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

regarding my tattoo

so i neglected to get a good shot of my tattoo
before it went into the ugly phase of healing
ie molting, peeling, and general ashiness.

but here's the story.
i found this artist.

very cool stuff.

so i wanted to add something of his to my space arm.
i emailed him to see if he minded and he said
of course not
he's a very cool guy.

so then i looked around virginia beach for a tattoo artist.
i tried this one place and this one guy
but both the place and the guy were dicks.

so i looked again.
and i found this guy.
i called him and told him the deal.
he said email me and we'll make it happen.
he's a very cool guy.

i visited him once.
i showed him his canvas.
he said come back tomorrow i'll have something figured out.
the next day he's like what about this dude?

i said coolio.
he said see you tomorrow.
here's a photo of placement.

you'll just have to wait for detail.
and context.

oh yeah
and i've officially decided
that i'll not ever get my armpits

oh and because michele asked for lenore details...
here's color lenore

black and white lenore
(a real artist did this one obvs)

and here's a picture of me
in my panties
at my work desk.