kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, July 07, 2006

i'm disappearing

for the next week or so i'll be in va beach
hanging out with my extended family for the first time
in like 15 years or some shit.
and can i just say... yikes.

i mean i'm all excited for my dad getting drunk and browbeating my yuppie aunt with musings such as:
"kill all the towelheads and take their women!!!... what? you portland yuppies love women's rights, doncha? i mean single mothers unite, right?"
...oh yeah it should be fun.

then my cousin can once again acuse my uncle who's-a-priest of molesting her as a child, forcing her onto disablilty for the rest of her natural born life.
...good times.

and my other aunt can explain why she sent the whole family homemade calendars with a cheesecake photo of her barechested son in soccer gear at the top of each month.
... righteous.

and then everybody can get wasted and laugh at what a fuck up i was growing up, and how i've thrown away at least four different careers, and geez is that ANOTHER tattoo? what are you doing now? and they let you have those tattoos? your mom says you're going to school again?? your parents were so proud when you went off to Cornell... what will you do with your education??? business school? what happened to your big dreams of becoming an actress? i thought you didn't want to be in business or you would've taken over for your father like he wanted... what ever happened with that anyway? i thought you came home to help him out? what are you the MOST WORTHLESS FAMILY MEMBER EVER??? AT LEAST MAELEE'S ON DISABILITY!!!???$& %#@*&!*&^#@&^&(*215@#*(

oh whoops i got a little carried away there... i'm sure it won't happen exactly like that.

ok so while i'm gone i'll only look at two sites sorry dudes ima bitch like that

raymi and fttw.

can't promise i'll even be on the interweb, but if so that's where i won't be shutting up in the comments... you know how i roll.

in the meantime can someone find a copy of life of agony - river runs red and take out all the boring whiny crap, make it into mp3's and share them? ok thanks. yay michele