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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, July 17, 2006

oh alright i'm back


hi innerweb.

i'm back. back from vacation in virginia beach. family reunion style.

dueling parenting styles in house #1 versus who can wake up earlier in house #2...

much discussion about my tattoos. "positive language week." (i don't care what anyone says i'm cursing in front of my kids if i ever have them fuck that...) lots of sitting on the beach. some frisbee with the nephews. my 14 year old nephew is a jerk this year. my 18 year old cousin may have a crush on me. everyone thinks i'm weird. i wish christian meant non-judgemental. from the looks of it i'll be 100 pounds over weight in about ten years. i don't like swimming in cold water. i don't like playing group card games. my family is SUPER sarcastic and holier than thou (myself included.) i'm still mad at my dead grandfather (the priest) for not liking my mom's choice of husband. the only other person at the reunion with more than one tattoo was my unlce the priest. he has two. one of a cross and the other of a heart with a hand in it making the "i love you" gesture...

there was a running rift over who thought they bought more/consumed less beer. i thanked god more than once that i didn't have to be in it. i watched the movie rent and it just made me wish i'd seen the play instead. seven under 20 (except me) went to see pirates of the carribean 2. it was long and the running joke was only funny once. though i thought the west indies chick pirate was hot even with the black shit running from her mouth.

i got a new tattoo. it fucking rocks the bells and i'll post a picture with all the fun details as soon as i remember where my camera cord is.

i got back together with the boy. (no he's not moving back in)

i made $300 at work on saturday night which is more than $100 less than i paid for my new tattoo. (totally worth every penny)

i didn't read anyone's blog regularly while i was gone. from what i gather, i don't think outlaw's married yet. tesco loves the fucking cure (he wears black on the outside 'cuz that's the way he feels on the inside.) michele and turtle are still disgustingly in love. free's going to kill some mutherfuckers. raymi's stopped drinking and then started again (shock. awe.) krucoff hung with some of my homies from back in the day. bunny got put in the slammer. daibh's been prolific as usual. mark's going to slayer. marith's blogging again. cullen's celebrating metal life week. chrisuede keeps posting killer shit. sweaty is in lala land. uh... ok i've run out of speed and this is just boring without pictures.

we'll catch up tomorrow.