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Friday, August 25, 2006

pretty generally i am no huge hank fan

i mean let's just not get into the whole
real black flag conversation, ok?

and i dunno, rollins band just never did it for me.
i will, however, tell you that he falls very far
ahead of any of the limp dick chili fuckers.

just so you know where i stand.

his spoken word shit rocks, tho. and he totally called
9-11 years before it happened.
he said they would attack us on our turf.

in fact, the morning of 9-11 i awoke to
the yelling of my then-boyfriend

"henry was right! henry fucking called it you mutherfuckers!"

and one time in LA i went to get tickets to his spoken word show
at this place called LUNA or some shit.
i got in there and the tickets were too fucking expensive and it
looked like a tea room so i fucking left
muttering about how i used to see him in

so i'm riding home and he's on the radio doing an interview
i pull over at a pay phone.
i'd just gotten to LA and i was still in the stage where i swore i was
buying a cell phone (ahahahahaha)

anywho i call in and get through to to "producer"
who says "where are you calling from?" i say "a pay phone on la cienega"
she says "oh my god that's perfect" and she patches me right through

i proceed to give hank two racks of shit for playing at a tea house for too much money call him a sell out.

hey, it was kinda funny.

i fully digressed though cuz the real reason for this post is a radio show he did for the misfits "record" 12 hits from hell.

(it's a long sordid tail but fucking totally worth reading about)

tecso posted the WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM dude! and it fucking rocks.

then i see a link in the comments from chrisuede.

to this radio show.

dude it's the best shit ever. rollins plays the old tracks back to back with the new tracks and it FUCKING ROCKS THE FUCKING BELLS. seriously.

rollins barely talks. he says he'd rather just play the songs...

and he fucking delivers, dude.

my birthday is on sunday. and this is just about the best birthday present i've ever gotten. i shit you not.