kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, August 21, 2006

wasn't that an andy kaufman song?

hi blog.
yes i had a nice weekend, thank you. yes it's nice to have free time on my hands. yes and also infuriating. well, because i can't sit still. i have to always be doing something. so when i'm doing nothing i make phonecalls like crazy to try and set up plans and i offer the plans on people's voicemails when they don't answer.

but see, the problem is, blog, that i do that to like 5 different people and then they all (ok well not ALL i'm not that persuasive and/or popular) call back to say "sure let's go!" meaning let's go do whatever it is that i've suggested that we do.

then once i've committed myself to everything i realize i can't do it all then i have to blow someone off and that is never good or fun. hopefully they understand that i'm just not very good yet at having any amount of free time.

what's that picture up there, you ask? good question blog!

that's the airport in the city of abu dhabi in the united arab emirates. on saturday the boy's boss asked him how he'd feel about going over there to work for 6 months. he'd have to miss at least a semester of school but the pay is very good. good enough that he'd be able to fly me over to visit sometimes.

is that scary? for any number of reasons?

um i can say this though... statistics say there is NOT ONE person living with HIV-AIDS in the ENTIRE emirate... uh. i don't know what that means.