kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, August 14, 2006

flirting with a gay dude

this weekend i quit/got fired from my waitress gig. i was like "dude i'm gonna walk out right now, this place is driving me nuts." mgr was like "i said i'd do your checkout later, but if you want to go, there's the door... in fact why don't you go."

it's probably for the better because i'm going back to school on the fifth and i was starting to believe that i could work both jobs, go to school, and stay sober. mostly in my head it was all about the scheduling.

like, well the one class is all day saturday and the other is monday night so i could still work all week and then go to job 2 friday night and saturday night. heh.

forget about how i was going to take care of my dogs.

so yeah, it's better this way. i also think that i probably wouldn't've walked out if i didn't know in my heart of hearts that it was time. everytime i try to put in my two weeks there, they talk me into staying.

not this time. heh.

then on sunday i had a super secret awesome trip planned for me and the boy! in the morning we went to the national building museum in washington dc. see he's a civil engineer with his heart in architecture and building. so... anywho that part was really cool.

then we go on a seg tour! how cool! seg tour.

it's just us and one gay couple. very cute little dc gay couple. the tour guide was kinda nervous and geeky but we really had fun. well... i mean i had fun.

halfway through the tour the boy starts being a little weird. like, distant. i keep saying "is anything wrong?" he says no that he's a little bored with the tour. he's bored with the segs.

he already upgraded his seg to expert mode and is done. he's bored with it.

on the ride home he pushes eject on my current favorite cd. just happens to be during my favorite part. the blank between a good song and an even better one. i get a little pissy. no prob.

it's all downhill from there though. and it ends up coming out that we didn't really spend anytime together that day because i spent too much time "trying to be entertaining" and did not pay nearly enough attention to him.

i do that.