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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

are you there interweb? it's me, kali.

ok so i have this situation. and i need some advice.

there are these women in my life and i don't want or need them there.

i have some really great relationships in my life. people who care about me and i care about them. we enjoy each other's company and respect each other's privacy.

these are not those kind of women.

the relationships i enjoy are ones in which there is very little gossip. some admitted judgement of others but also a sincere desire to help each other move away from judgement, as it has done none of us any good.

i'm done with the gossip. i have been an active participant in gossip for far too long. and in my circles, as dramatic as it may sound, gossip does have the power to actually kill people. not theoretically but truly.

i tell you this so that you might understand the gravity of this undertaking.

i need to be kind, honest AND prompt. i need to love these women but yet have no ongoing relationship with them. is that possible?

i have a feeling outlaw might have some great insight into this stuff as she's the tops when it comes to interpersonal relations. being a counselor and all. though i'm not sure that she visits anymore.

so how do i tell these women (perhaps to their faces) that i don't want to pursue any further friendship with them? that, although we have a history, and although i do love them, i choose not to be in contact with them anymore?

have you had any experience with this, innernets? has it come out poorly or did you get through it with grace?