kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

don't forget...

thursday is the new saturday over at FTTW.

in two more days there'll be a new screaming like a banshee and it will not disappoint. so, uh, what i mean to say is that if you're a family member you may not want to read this one.

like if you thought the last two were bad... uh... ya maybe just take the day off.

cuz, i don't know if you heard but we're on a mission to destroy.


ok so it's been fucking hell around here lately. mostly a self imposed hell, but hell nonetheless.

the boy is gone for good. i really fucked that one up. it's ok. i'm fucking sad but i will live.

i keep having the feeling that god is taking a machete to the parts of my life in which i was behaving badly. i keep waiting for this blog to self destruct at any moment.

i was a self righteous bitch at my waitress/bar job. i hated the way i conducted my self there and could never manage to change it. so what happens? WHACK! gone.

i was a self-worthless bitch in my relationship. and then i cheated. WHACK! gone.

so now i get to start over. start from nothing. i can't help feeling like i should stay single for a little while. i've not ever been good at being single. and i do feel like i'm a bit old to be going it alone. but, hey, it can't hurt to breathe for a minute. i've got grad school. i've got dogs. i've got self improvement tactics to practice.

please god don't let me turn into the dog lady...