kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

k hi 3 days and counting...

ya so maybe i won't blog much anymore.
i work today tomorrow and then half day friday
but they are taking me out to breakfast on friday
so really i won't be here much.

and i don't have the innerwebs at home. yet.
and then there's also that little thing about me not HAVING A JOB anymore. ya, that's kinda creeping me out. not as much as you'd think though.
if the guy i interviewed with emails to say he's hired someone else... uh.. then i can imagine that i'll do a little freak out. yeah.
but until then? it's blog until you puke.

just kidding i have to erase all the incriminating stuff off this computer and clean my office and i should probably be applying to other jobs too just in case the basket with all my eggs in it gets dropped. heh.

i was going to tell you a story about the korean guy that i rented an apartment from in los angeles. koreatown to be exact. south k town. pico and normandie. not exactly high class but for $450 a month for a one bedroom you really couldn't beat it.

dude didn't even ask for a security deposit. and as we were living in a van and eating out of church food boxes... we fucking jumped on it. (actually i called my mom and dad and had them wire the $450 for the first month.) then we moved in!

it was after we handed over the $450 and started to "unpack" the van that we realized there was no refrigerator. and no stove. or oven.

ya we weren't really thinking clearly. but $450? fuck!

that wasn't the story i was going to tell you. i'll save the mr lee story for another day...