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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

with a QUICKNESS SORry i didn't mean to yell the caps lock went on when i tried to type q...

ok so here's a catch up recap brought to you by MOI (that time i meant it)

(that's a foto frum down undah thanks, yorrik)

job: my position has been extended for two weeks because my boss found a "project" that needs my "attention" don't be dirty it is just a database update, that he found needed to be done before i left conveniently enough the two weeks will keep me on while another department does the final paperwork in order to be able to offer me a job...

(that's sid sars he's a legend)

see what happened there? i was going to be laid off for a week and then re-hired in a new department meaning i would lose my benefits for a week and then have to be re=entered into the system blah blah red tape hell... but my boss urgently NEEDS this database update that will require my attention for two weeks or until i find other employment hint hint wink wink HOW FUCKING NICE IS THAT?!??!??!! people take care of me even when i don't ask them to...

(that shot is auntie abby's she rocks)

blog: i have taken all my pics and programs off this computer because as of friday i was no longer going to be working here so i will steal other people's pictures while i'm in computer limbo.

i'm also thinking of buying a wireless pc card so that i can reach the wireless router in my second home next door that i don't happen to own is this making any sense to you??? it did to the guy at best buy who told me he couldn't help me steal wireless but could tell me how far certain cards could pick up a signal from. lacking sentence structure rocks the grad school degree. point being: i could maybe blog from home soon woot! (ha! i said woot)

(those are the wades they rock go figure out how to listen to/watch them)

new year: happy new year ravens won i love my family and their kids and dogs and my new boyfriend rocks the fucking bells i love him mucho CLUTCH was fucking awesome even though the security guard took away my florida ID thinking that it was fake AHAHA who would make a fake id saying you were 34 bwahahaha. he was like "you can go in but you can't drink" bwahahahah OH NO I CAN"T DRINK??? THE BALTIMORE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT THANKS YOU. heh. also someone should remind me that i'm 34 the next time i spend 3/4 of the show in the pit and get a scraped knee and black eye, mmkay?

love you all talk soon buh bye.