kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

i got knocked the fuck out

last night:

this morning:

clutch show 9:30 i'm in the pit the whole time except for the hippie songs when i go back and drink some free water with murl.

i'm getting my rocks off because tomorrow night i'm taking a date and i won't really go nuts then so i'm begging for a fight but none of the jocks will get mad they all love it -- high fives all around. they fall down i pick them up they hug me a little too long say i saved their life, man this is fucking boring you people are no fun.

i'm back in the pit for round three i see some crusty old punks from the old days good to see we're not all dead. head nods go up all around, FUCK it's good to see us getting old not all of us made it some of us are fatter and have wrinkles but dammit doesn't it feel just like the old days except fewer grrls, chicks these days are pussies i blame paris hilton.

so i'm rockin and rollin and what not and in for the close up comes a meaty head BLAM to the eye, wow that's gonna hurt, FUCK whadya mean "gonna" that fucking hurts.

shit starts closing in i like to think that i chose to go down someone has my wrist my legs are jelly i'm down for the count and


i wake up to some dude carrying my ass out of the pit to the front "medic medic" everyone is shouting what the fuck it's not a freaking war dude i just got clocked shit i see, my face through my eye, it seems to be swelling very fast.