kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

i guess boredom is the answer

to blogger's block.

would that be called blblock or bblock or perhaps blogck. blogck. heh that sounds dirty. i like it.

so i'm at my parent's house on the eastern shore of virginia. for the long weekend. i brought all 5 dogs down. thank g-d E let me borrow his truck else i'd have been even crazier by the time i left b-more.

puppies screaming form the back as i run to giant for one last errand. dogs everywhere, health insurance credit card won't swipe, i use the other one go to get fennel for my dad because you can't find it on the eastern shore, realize i forgot my liscence in my motorcycle jacket, trying to activate my new phone says i need an order number from the packing slip, hell i have to go back anyway, puppies sceraming they have no idea why alluva sudden their home is on wheels wtf???

anywho, i got off and now i'm here. a little vacay with my coolest uncle and my coolest cousin. all the cool kids are here. and now we're going to church. my parents church. ungh. i'm going to do my best impression of acting "as if."

i'm gonna act "as if" i don't want to kill everyone in the church. k?