kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's no secret

that i wanted a boy. i thought a boy would be easier all around and i'm scared to death of girls. i mean, i WAS a girl. that's enough to scare bejesus out of me. plus, i wouldn't wish middle school on anyone's female child. girls in packs are UGLY. shit so are boys. but mostly to girls. so we get the shit end of the stick either way.

alas, my child is female. so far as they can tell anyway. i have another ultrasound on dec 9th and i'll ask her to check again to be sure. they CAN be 100% sure if it is a boy. not so much if it's a girl. i mean, with a boy if the tech sees an extra appendage then she's pretty sure. if there is a LACK of appendage... i guess you get the point.

i went to the doc yesterday for a check up. found out i have gained 14 pounds since the pregnancy. not too bad for 22 weeks. i still worry about the extra pounds. they are harder to take off at my age. i'm not worried like hollywood worried, but still, it occurs to me.

so doc's went well. i had some extra ketones in my pee pee. perhaps a cold. no biggie. then i say. "hey can you look at this thing on my thigh? i think it's exema but my husband says it's ringworm. can you just look at it and tell me it's not ringworm?

"sure," she says, "lemme see it."

so i pull my pants down to my knees to show her my thigh.

"oh yeah, that's ringworm."


"so what do i do?" i ask.

"well first, STOP touching it!" she says.

then she prescribed some cream. btw ringworm is not a worm. and you can get it from your dog. or your husband's athlete's foot. ... just sayin'...