kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

since the turkeys moved in next door...

life has been, uhm... interesting.

i have a love/hate with them. yesterday morning they held me hostage on the front porch until i chased them home with a mop.

in both hands.

because i tried holding my coffee in one hand and the mop in the other but they didn't take me seriously.

so i had to put the coffee down. terrorists.

when i got home last night the umbrella from dj and kerri's tree pile was on the front porch. last i saw it was in the back of the pick up to take to the dump.

e said "why don't you ask me why the umbrella is on the front porch?"

so i did.

apparently they sauntered up to the truck as he pulled in the driveway yesterday. pinned him there until he got out the umbrella...

did i tell you there were three now?