kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

b-more fo sho

enough with the fucking goodbye posts already.

jayzu fucking chreesto, wadami supposed to cry or something?


so i fly outta here on sunday. should post maybe twice or so before then. then i'm without computer so it's catch as catch can at internet cafes and houses of friends.

interesting that anti has a post about home. (no i won't miss the traffic)
and bicyclemark too.

good timing. i can't wait to feel like i'm home again.

can't wait to drive up charles street and see the ecletic group of homeless, rich, suit-and-tie, racially mixed, street punks, yuppies, and drunks.

can't wait to stop by my favorite tattoo parlors and beg for a free homecoming tattoo. (it could work.)

can't wait to see my fucking dog.

can't wait to freeze my fucking ass off and complain about it the whole time.

can't wait to smoke INSIDE!!!

and most of all

i can't wait to see my friends. who i somehow took for granted.

but don't you worry bloggerville. i'll be taking y'all with me.

(and i'll probably bitch about living there about a month into it and you can remind me of just how fucking badly i needed to get home. )