kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, January 10, 2005

hhheeeeeeyyyyy vato...

i rode the motorbike to work today.

doesn't sound so unusual, except that on mornings like these. i usually take the bus. it was raining pretty hard. and there are little rivers on the sides of every road.

but as i was walking out of my house with every intention of walking to the bus stop, i decided fuck it.

fuck it. i'll get wet walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus... or i'll get wet riding the bike. which sounds like more fun?

yeah, so i went back inside, ditched the umbrella, and grabbed my helmet.

i had to get gas. the guy there said "i hope you're not going far..."

"i am. this fucking rocks i love it."

"you're psycho"

i was really just trying to convince myself that it did rock. and i think it worked.

it was fun. like a video game fun. until i got here to sun valley. huge rivers and puddles at intersections.

vatos love playing in puddles with their cars that they don't care about and little ol' me that they don't even think about.

the walls of water were a little scary. i got a little mouthy. oh well.

so i'm here and it's all good.

today i tell the boss that i quit. friday's my last day.

P.S. bicyclemark -- i did end up getting some pretty good raingear. my friend carson let me borrow his... pants and a jacket. it did pretty well at 60mph.