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Friday, January 07, 2005

throwin' in the towel

things i will miss about los angeles:


no, really, once i get started it'll just flow right out.

ok, so let's get started here...

kidding, i'm KIDDING.

there are things i'll miss:

1. my roommate.

god only knows how i got so lucky. a great pad with a pool and laundry facilities in the h-wood at a reasonable price that also came with the coolest roommate in town. i have a favorite thing to say about my roommate, and it goes something like this, "there are about 10 cool people in helLA, and k----- is one of them... the other 9 are her friends."

2. my friend mark.

oddly enough, he was one of two friends i had in LA the last time i lived here and hated it. he sold me back the motorcycle that we sold him (well, traded for a bass amp) when we left. he sold it to me for $800 and let me have it before i could pay him any money. i've only paid him $500. and guess who's buying it back?

we saw some fucking great shows in '04 here in kali. top three?

In Flames

(let me not forget to mention that not only did mark pay for my slayer ticket because i am dirt poor, he also treated to filet mignon at the coolest 24 hour steak restaurant in downtown LA. and wasn't embarrassed by the rich people staring at me in my miniskirt/fishnet/tubesock/motorcycle boots combo.)

3. my favorite baby's birth.

in leaving town at this time, i will miss the birth of what is sure to be my favorite baby. my great friend sharyn and her husband (who let me sleep on their couch for 2 fucking months when i first came to town) are pregnant. just about 4 months now. i will hate not being available to babysit for sharyn. she is the nicest, most together person i have ever met. her husband doug farts a lot and i love him too. sharyn is the 2nd friend i had in town when i left the last time.

... to be continued...