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Thursday, July 20, 2006

ms. binsk posted a letter to the universe and she inspired me to do the same

i am writing this letter to the universe because i copy everything binsky binsk does as it is the most sincere form of flattery. plus, honestly, i'm interested in finding out exactly what i want as i have no idea what i'm about to write.

also, i'm going to put a little spin on it because i hear that whatever i put out into the universe is truth. (bear with me i'm getting deep for a moment)

meaning that if i make a list of things i want then i will forever remain in that constant state of wanting. but if i thank the universe for things i already have. then i will have them. (yes, it's a trick. let's see if it works.)

dear universe -

i thank you for my health because i think that's what i'm supposed to say.

i thank you for the fact that i don't lose hours and days and weeks to excessive drinking and drug use anymore. nor ever will again. (just for good measure)

i thank you for my healthy relationship with the boy in which each of us feels that we receive more than we give.

i thank you for the modest but classy wedding where no family member feels shafted out of their vision of how it should happen and a band/music that the boy and i don't fight over and end up both hating.

i thank you for healthy self esteem and concurrent humility.

i thank you for the house i will buy in two years or less (oh wait, by my own theory that would make me always be buying a house in two years or less -- like the "free beer tomorrow" trick -- see how crafty the universe is?? )

i thank you for the brick three story house that i own in the city with a fenced-in yard and hardwood floors and a porch in a good neighborhood and anything but forced-air heat solar heating.

i thank you for my MBA/MSIT from hopkin's that i complete in four years or less.

i thank you for my 3.8 GPA.

i thank you for my successful fulfilling, half-a-million dollar (or and more) a year netting, digital video production business and for my husband's successful world-renowned engineering firm.

i thank you for my three children, two boys and then a girl who are not addicts/alcoholics/cutters/overeaters/anorexics/pop music lovers.

i thank you for all my dogs.

i thank you for my loving family.

and finally,

i thank you for my many friends who don't hold it against me that i'm the worst ever keeper in toucher and love me anyway especially now that i call at least once a month and send birthday cards on time.

i thank you for all these things and everything i've forgotten to mention.

i love you, universe.

-- kali

read binsk's letter. and please, feel free to addthank you for adding your own in the comments.