kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

i've been all about the lists lately so here's another

1. i wrote another poam at FTTW. i don't know call it a trend. i stole this one basically. MOM DON'T CLICK THAT IT'S THE SEX COLUMN SITE AND YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW...

2. oh ya, my mom's reading now. she doesn't know that i know (until now) and i guess she's using firefox (of which i'm very proud) because i think that's how she found the site by accident probably from the last time i was on her computer. the moral of the story is OH MY FUCKING GOD MY MOM'S BEEN READING MY SITE. heh. (hi mom i love you)

3. so here's where i do a backpedal thingy saying things really aren't that bad and no i don't have any money (though i did find TWO DOLLARS in my jacket this morning!!) but i have really great friends who will never let me go hungry and i have a half of tank of gas and yes i have tampons, sister pit bull i love you.

***ok sidebar here. about a year and a half ago i decided that i wouldn't take money from my parents anymore. i decided that the reason i was just really bad with money (or one of the reasons) is because i always think of my parents as a safety net. and that's no way to live. i'm freaking 34 YEARS OLD, people... so i promised myself i wouldn't take money from them anymore. (incindentally i break that rule all the time when my mom hands me $40 for gas money when she and i both know DARN well that it doesn't cost $40 in gas to get to VA and back -- not in a honda.) (also i let her buy me christmas cards and a few decorations so really i'm not taking a poverty vow like some monk or anything)***

4. this has obviously become a post about how my mom found my site so i'm just going to end there with this whole list charade. (said like "sher-odd")

5. this is just funny. baby huey did it to the picture.