kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, December 01, 2006

yt? wtf?

anyone wanna talk about why i stopped seeing r------?

ok good me too.

well, not really but i hate everything right now so whatever let's just do this...
three small clues made me feel differently about him and i don't think it's just age but what do i know i can't pick men for shit...

i mean:
unemotionally unavailable? SWEET! im in!
in love with someone else? NO NO PICK ME!
what's that you say? married? AWESOME! i'm in LOVE!
well adjusted, employed, single and in love with me? sorry, TOO SHORT!


ok three things:

1. we were at the 2nd football game and he saw me pull down my sleeve. assuming that i was trying to cover my tattoo, he says, "it's okay i have scars too. though mine are mostly emotional."

2. at dinner after the 1st football game, upon finding out that i write a sex column on the internet he says, "well i hope you're not into anything too weird."

3. at dinner after the 2nd football game i tell him i'm working on just being myself. trying not to "fit myself" to anyone else.
he says "that's good. and if i'm not who you want, please don't try and make me into it. i mean i'll never ride a motorcycle."
(just wait it gets better)
to which i reply, "well i'm not going to stop riding mine."
he says, "you have a motorcycle?"
i say, "ya you didn't know? ... then why did you say that about the motorcycle?"
he says, "well i figured you've dated a lot of bikers..."


(and then i'll tell you what i think and how the big "break up scene" went down oh boy you can't fucking wait i can tell)