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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

is it boring when i'm happy?

i started this blog on a tear.

i hated living in los angeles. hated hated hated it. now is not the time to discuss why. the place is, uh... ah fuck it's just not for me is all...

so i was full of rage and it was an election year and i was surrounded by liberals. jeez and when i say liberals it has this bad connotation. because i used to be a dyed in the wool feminist liberal. never a hippy but a punk rock white dude is the man kinda liberal. until. well, until i realized that my dad IS the man. so i grew up and found out that doing the thing that looks nice and helpful isn't always the right thing. and then i started to think politically. and i found that i'm pretty conservative when it comes to politics. then i learned to keep my mouth shut about politics in bloggerland because, well... hmm. i guess because i like all of you and the overwhelming lot of you seem to be liberal.

i don't know. i love my country. i tear up at the national anthem and when i'm at the ravens games i sing along to "proud to be an american." even though it's a retched melody. i am so proud to be an american. george bush is my president. shit, when he was elected (the first time) i didn't think i'd agree with him half as much as i did in those first four years. since then i have not agreed with everything he's done, and sometimes i downright disagree. but calling him a murderer when we are at war is and will always be trashy. i dunno. he's the president. he puts a suit on everytime he goes into the oval office. everytime. a suit. so much different than getting a blow job in there.
jeez louise how did i get here? i meant this to be a post about how happy i am. how amazingly happy i am and excited for the new year.

i was going to warn you that this blog might get boring because i've become content. and content? well content doesn't sell newspapers.

i'm starting a new job soon. hopefully monday. i'll tell you all about it when i start. that could be some fun fodder.

also i begin work on my sixth step soon. that could be a doozy. i hear that some relationships don't survive the six step. that could be interesting.

so the drama of the day? uh. i need to go grocery shopping?
skeletor and her groceries.