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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, January 05, 2007

so here's the glockenspiel...

ok let's see if i can do this any justice at all...

about a year and a half ago maybe more
i saw a boy who looked very familiar. like i know you from somewhere familiar. he felt the same and said as much. we've both been around baltimore forever and it makes sense that we would've seen each other somewhere before but this was a different kind of familiar can't describe it but when i look at his hands i recognize them.

anywho i thought hey that boy is cute but i was wrapped in my own self imposed crisis so we became friends. he's a very social boy and has lots of friends and a lot of those friends are female and so it was just very easy to become friends.

one day he saved me from myself. we hung out at a festival most of the day. he liked my dogs. he likes all dogs. and let me just say here that ALL DOGS like him. and i don't know about you that is a VERY GOOD SIGN but i am giving away too much here.

so we stay friends he watches me go through the hell that was my breakup and the growth following. we stay friends. he helps me with my dogs, walks them when i have class at nights. he does the days that murl can't. so i have him over for dinner a couple of times to thank him. he's a single guy i can't imagine that he eats well at home.

the months continue we find our similar backgrounds and taste in music and we are friends like laugh annoying loudly friends and just not care. like that friend that you can be ALL OF YOURSELF in front of and they don't care love you anyway let go free falling fun. like my friend MURL. like well like a friend. can i explain this too much?

we drive to philly as a foursome friends all of us to the mutter museaum and to see american hardcore because of course it can't be playing anywhere close.

during this time he asks about my dogs having puppies because he thinks maybe he'd like a little dog this time around... then a mutual friend says "hey does anyone want a dog? i have to give it away we just had a kid and it's all too much" he says "what kind of a dog is it" dude says " a miniature dachshund" he says "i'll take it."

the next day i get a text "i've got someone i want you to meet."

she's a beautiful little mini-dox named elsie and my boy dog is in love with her.

so i'm over his house seeing elsie he is playing music i know everysong and love it some shit i haven't heard in a long time...

and he goes in to his kitchen to get something.

and i watch him go.

i am staring at his ass...