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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Ravens 30 Cowboys 10

so before the ravens trounced the cowgirls, my weekend was taken over by the NBA.

so much coverage, you'd think there wasn't a war going on.

and every stinking small town reporter in the fucking country took the sucker punch. the easiest line of offense to take. it got so i got sick of hearing it. i knew it was coming every time.

"and these are the athletes our kids look up to"
"our children make heros out of these guys"
"you have to wonder what our kids are learning from this"

for shit's sake people, can't we think of something original to say? since the beginning of small town tv news desks, they've been saying this shit. they love it. can't wait like something for this to happen so they can pull out their cliches.

(ed reed rocks the hizouse)

so then i'm on the metro this fine monday morn and two teenagers get on.

one is carrying the sports section of sunday's paper. they're both speaking animatedly and throwing air punches. i can't hear their whole conversation, but i know what they're talking about. they love it. pushing each other and smiling, throwing punches, and yelling.

when they're done talking about the NBA they move on to their other favorite topic...

the NCAA fight.

... hey, at least they're reading the paper, right?