kali pornia

i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Friday, March 24, 2006

my ass used to be all over this

in keeping with the ass motif...

i have some sad thing to do.

i must sell my ass's favorite toy.

perhaps i should post a picture

to clear things up a bit.

this was my birthday present in 2000.
it was a very good year


for me and the exoldman.

forget that i lost everything
not long after

forget that i lost myself
not long after

these days were the best days.
we lived in laurel canyon
high above hollywood boulevard
in a house below
melanie griffith's sister.
we had three motorcycles
and no car.
the exoldman kept totaling the cars
so we decided to stick to motorbikes.

a fast one for me (see above)

a super fast one for him

and a grocery getter

when i went back years later
to try to recapture
some of that time.
i left this, my fast bike
on the east coast.

i bought the grocery getter
back from the guy we sold it to
(actually we traded it for a bass amp
.. a killer bass amp
that was "stolen" later)

i bought the damn thing back
and rode it around LA
in the wind and the rain

but it wasn't the same.

it will never be the same.

so now i'm putting it up for sale

it is time.

things will never be the same.

*** update *** my currentoldman would like you to know that by "birthday present" i mean that it was my birthday present to me seeing as how i was making the money that bought the present.