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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

PR 101

okay, so tesco asks if i'm not detracting from raymi's book sales by shuffling one copy around the country.

(i know what you're thinking. that's a bold question coming from someone who runs an mp3 site, right??? ... ya i thought that too ;)

anyway, here's at least some of the theory.

1. who's to say that the people who are receiving the book to review would've bought the book themselves?

2. exponential marketing. the number of people who hear about the book as a result of the "tour" grows exponentially with each review.

3. i alone, have talked about the book more than i would've had i just read it and then written a review.

4. if anyone of the book tour groupies carries the book anywhere outside of the house chances are that people are going to ask about it. they asked me.

ok so i'm bored of the numbered points, but i did want tesco to know that i had put at least some thought into it. christ, why did microsoft give away it's technology for the first some odd years? what software are you running on your computer?

that is all.