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Thursday, July 27, 2006

kiss ass book review

ok maybe not so kiss ass
but still,

a book review.

so i finally fucking coughed up the
money for raymi's book.
having read several 'reviews' on other blogs
and finding myself addicted
to raymitheminx.com(or blogspot.com, whatever)

and i really liked it.
i mean, really.
i liked it because i always did want to know
more about her drug dealer ex-boyfriend
and her nuthouse stays
and her online prostitution days.

and i liked it because i like her writing style.
it's super-coloquial but doesn't ever get
hard to read like some of those hip gangster wannabe dudes.
it rolls right along. i was with her the whole time.

the book is admitedly too short. and there's obviously stuff that raymi's sick of writing about or doesn't think is interesting that shoulda/woulda been included. often we are not our own best critic/editor. someone should have said to her "play freebird."

you know, like tell the story that you're sick of telling because not everybody's heard it before and even if they have they love it everytime. it must be like everybody wanting the who to play baba o'riley. because it's a good FUCKING song. do you think pete can count how many times he's played it?

man it nails down depression and alcoholism too. fucking nails it. be careful reading this if you're not willing to be honest with yourself about the various inflictions from which you suffer. because sooner than later you'll be nodding your head and on the verge of tears. minutes later you'll be trying to convince yourself that you only related because she writes so damn well. ya ok buddy.

ok so now here's the deal. (i haven't asked raymi's permission for this by the way, but she rarely reads my blog, so at least i have that going for me)

and by that i mean that raymi's book will be doing a tour around (at least) this great continent of ours. i'm going to send it to the first person that asked to read it on the (small) contingent that he reads it and does a review on his site. and then following his honest review (no pandering here, please) he post this message on his site. that he will send the book to the first person who asks, so long as they agree to review it and then pass it on in a similar manner.

is this making sense?

so turtle asked first. he gets the book first as long as he agrees to the terms. if for some unforeseen reason turtle cannot fulfill his obligations as mr raymibook tour then the first runner up, cullen will take over the gig.

(also i think that if turtle reads it first then it only makes sense that michele should read it to, because, well, that's how it works best with them.)