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i want to be more like the ocean. no talking and all action.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

well, now.


hard to know where to start here.

so friday night i hung out with some very good friends. i slept very well and was underway by 800am saturday morning. 930 or so the father of the new baby called to tell me everyone was healthy ten fingers ten toes.

i think i kinda new then that my grandmother was going to die.

i got to my parents, we ate some fried chicken and then went to the hospital. we showed up at her room in "special care" and the bed was gone. my mom, dad and i walked the nervous walk to the nurse's station only to be told that she'd been moved upstairs to the more stabilized floor or whatever.
we sat in the "day room" while they got her set up. the "activities director" for the floor was in there getting ready for the afternoon's activities. she was going to be washing and setting hair that afternoon. she was very talkative and i wanted to kill her.

we finally got to see her. her breathing was laborious. to say the least. i have to say that i doubted that she was having that much trouble. she's always been a drama queen (takes one to know one) and so i just figured she was putting on a bit of a show for us. i know. i'm a bitch.

so we stay for a short bit. she writes on a piece of paper that she's seen the holy spirit and is at peace. she's ready to go.

dad says she looks better, mom says she looks better. we go home and wait for my sister to drive down from the airport.

sis arrives, dad gets back from seeding the lawn at his new house. he's trying to get the seed down before it freezes.

we all get in the car to go see the new house and then head to the hospital so that my sister can see mommom. the plan is that we will then go out to eat. this is big news, as my dad ALWAYS cooks. no matter what. the fact that he's agreeing to eat out twice in one day is a big deal.

in our travels before the hospital we have a little talk about mommom.

"she looks much better" - mom

"she sure does. way better than yesterday." - dad

"i think you two need to prepare yourself that she's going to hang on a lot longer than she wants to. she's ready to go but her body is not." - me, after apparently recieving my medical degree from tami and johnnies chicken shack.